Ornamental plant Nursery of the `Lago Maggiore and Biellese Flower District` specialized in the cultivation of Japanese Maples and Dogwood (Cornus: florida, kousa). Japanese Maples are grown in open field, using as rootstock only the classic and sturdy Acer palmatum “Polymorphum”, respecting the production specifications of ACERO BIELLESE. The plants are of medium and large size, grown in pot. We can offer Japanese Maples both shrub (Acer palmatum, japonicum) with sizes from cm. 100 to cm. 350, or pendulous (Acer palmatum Dissectum) with height of stem from cm. 60 to cm. 140 and crown from cm. 50/60 to cm. 200/250.


New field of Acer palmatum autumn 2023